Sarah Dutton

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Sarah Dutton - Receptionist
Sarah Dutton Receptionist

I have worked here at Congleton vets for 5 and a half years and it has certainly flown by, we all really get on and work well as a team, in fact, I have found lifelong friends thanks to my job.

A little about me, I have my dog Ted who is just adorable and I don’t know what I would do without him, 4 cats, David (the naughty ginger one), Trevor (the boss) and Derek and Cath who are rescued strays that came in to us very poorly and now they are very happy fur baby’s, and not forgetting my Shire horse Lilly bobs who is now a big old age of 24 years young, who myself, my son and friends all enjoy spending time with, thanks to my big fur family and son and friends I am quite busy when not catching me at my computer.

Looking forward to meeting your fur family.