Sarah Dutton

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Sarah Dutton
Sarah Dutton Receptionist

I started working at Congleton Vets in August 2016. It’s gone so fast, but as they say - time flies when you’re enjoying yourself! There is nothing not to like about working here! The team are lovely and we all get along so well and have fun together (in between work hard!). Everyone’s happy to lend a helping hand and support each other, and of course the best part about working here is I get to meet and play with all of your 4-legged family members!

I have 3 very handsome boys (moggies) - David, Trevor and Derick. Little Derick was in fact a very ill little boy who was found on the side of the road and brought into us when he was a little kitten. Four months later and he is a cheeky playful monkey!  And not forgetting my very big soft as a brush Shire horse Lilly, who will be turning 20 years young this year!

I have a 12-year-old son who (when not glued to his phone!) enjoys baking with me and trips out for the day. As Lilly is such a big part of my life, we both love to spend time with her hacking out and about in the summer. She is so big that we can nearly both fit on her. When I am not with Lilly or at work, you will find me spending time with my friends and family.