25% Off Stage One Dental Treatment

Launched in November '23 25% Off repeat stage one dental treatment (in addition to 10% Pet Health Club™ discount)

Launched in November 2023

25% Off* Repeat Stage One Dental Treatment (in addition to 10% Pet Health Club™ discount).

*Terms and Conditions

Available to any pet having already received dental treatment at Congleton Vets.

Discounts applied to Stage One Dental fee current at time of repeat procedure.

Any dental extractions and/or oral surgery (i.e.Stage Two Dental) required, will be estimated by the vet and charged at current clinic rates (no discount available, unless PHC 10% off).

25% discount (and extra 10% off for Pet Health Club™ members) is also available on pre-anaesthetic blood testing (PABT) performed at time of repeat Stage One Dental.

Working with you to reward proactive preventative dental care for your pet now and in the future!

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