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Fee Adjustment

In response to the new working practices enforced by the Covid-19 lockdown and social distancing regulations, we are committed to ensuring the ongoing care and safety of your pets during their veterinary visits.

As such, every vet or nurse consultation now requires a minimum of two staff members; one to perform the examination and procedure, and the other to take your place as the owner in gently restraining, as well as comforting your pet.

As a temporary measure while we need to work in this way to ensure the safety of both staff and pets, all consultation and procedure fees now require an additional £16 Nurse Consultation fee.

This includes consultations for ill pets, primary vaccination courses, booster vaccinations, as well as nurse procedures such as nail clipping, and anal gland expression.

Please note that Pet Health Club (PHC) entitlements are unaffected by this.  PHC members can continue to enjoy all of the benefits of their pet’s routine and preventative annual healthcare entitlements being fulfilled, at no extra charge.

Find out more about PHC benefits or sign up today, if you’re not already part of the club!

Prices below are without the additional fee. 


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Consultation £36.00 £36.00
2nd Opinion Consultation £54.00 £54.00
Nurse Consultation £16.00 £16.00
Nail Clip Consultation (Nurse) £16.00 Included
Nail Clip Rabbit (Nurse) £9.00 Included
Microchip £21.00 Included

Kindly note that unless otherwise stated, every appointment with a vet incurs a charge.

Visit our Procedures and Services page for more details.


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Primary Course - Cat (incl. Leukaemia Vaccine) £59.00 Included
Booster - Cat (incl. Leukaemia Vaccine) £46.00 Included
Primary Course - Cat (Flu/Entertis ONLY) £59.00 Included
Primary Course - Dog £59.00 Included
Booster - Dog £46.00 Included
Kennel Cough £33.00 Included
Kennel Cough with Booster £25.00 Included
Rabies Vaccination (Not including passport) £69.00 10% discount
Rabbit Myxo/RHD £39.00 Included
Rabbit VHD2 Vaccination £20.00 Included

Includes a full health check, vaccine injection and vaccination card completion by the vet.

Visit our Procedures and Services page for more details.


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Cat Castrate £60.00 20% discount
Cat Spay £75.00 20% discount
Dog Castrate £170.00 20% discount
Dog Castrate - over 25kg £215.00 20% discount
Dog Castrate - over 45kg £240.00 20% discount
Bitch Spay £200.00 20% discount
Bitch Spay - over 25kg £230.00 20% discount
Bitch Spay - over 45kg £275.00 20% discount
Rabbit Castrate £85.00 20% discount
Rabbit Spay £121.00 20% discount

For further information, you can click here.

Visit our Procedures and Services page for more details.

Dental Scale and Polish

  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Dentistry - Cat £187.00 10% discount
Dentistry - Dog - under 10kg £187.00 10% discount
Dentistry - Dog £233.00 10% discount


Includes full mouth exam under general anaesthesia, dental charting, scale and polish, and full mouth x-rays.

Extractions are performed as a second stage procedure – please see here for further details.

Visit our Procedures and Services page for more details.

Please note

  • All prices inclusive of VAT at 20%.
  • We reserve the right to review any prices without notice.

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