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Vaccinations protect your pet against many potentially life threatening diseases

What if my pet is late in receiving his/her annual booster vaccinations?

There is a little bit of flexibility with the timing of the booster vaccinations. However, it is advisable not to leave it too long as this could affect your pet’s immunity. If greatly overdue, then the vet is likely to recommend that the initial two-part vaccination course is repeated.

At what age can I vaccinate my pet and against what?

Vaccinations protect your kitten, puppy, or rabbit against many severely debilitating and potentially life threatening diseases.

Kittens have a primary course of vaccinations consisting of two injections starting from 9 weeks of age. This is performed by one of our vets, and will include a full health check. The second injection is given 3-4 weeks later, and is usually performed by one of our qualified nurses. Flea treatment, worming, and micro chipping will also be performed at one of these appointments. We will also be able to discuss feeding, development, neutering, and insurance. A cost effective way to not only spread the cost of these preventative care treatments, but also save you money in the process, is to register your pet on our Pet Health Club. Once the primary vaccination course is complete, an annual booster is then required to provide ongoing immunity and protection throughout your cat’s life.

Puppies can be vaccinated from 6 weeks of age; however the second vaccination must be received after they are 10 weeks old. These two injections are known as the primary course, and your puppy is not protected from infection until 1 week after the second injection. Depending on the age at which the 1st vaccination was received, a 3rd injection may be required, to protect your puppy against a bacterial disease called Leptospirosis. Full protection requires two injections, with an interval of 4 weeks. So, the full vaccination course will either involve a total of two or three injections, based on the age when the first vaccination was received, and with what. It may seem confusing; however all of this will be explained to you as soon as you make contact with us. You are more than welcome to come in even before you have your puppy to discuss preventative care, our Pet Health Club, insurance, and much, much more. The more information and knowledge you have before your puppy arrives, the better! Vaccination is also available against Kennel Cough, and this is recommended at the time of your puppy’s primary vacation course, so they are fully protected once they start socialising and interacting with other dogs. An annual booster vaccination is required to maintain immunity throughout your dog’s life.

Rabbits are vaccinated from 5 weeks’ of age, against myxomatosis and rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD). Only one injection is required for these, with an annual booster. In recent years a new strain of RHD has been identified, and as such a new vaccination has been manufactured to protect against this. This is given two weeks after the combined vaccine, and provides immunity for 6 months. Therefore, in at risk rabbits, this second vaccination should be received twice yearly. At risk rabbits would be all those rabbits other than exclusively house rabbits.

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