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Cat Friendly Clinic

Considerations for ensuring that we live up to our claim of being a Cat Friendly Practice

1. Booking appointments

  • Book cats in the Cat Clinic if possible (weekdays 2-3pm).
  • Or else book at the beginning or end of a consultation period, so that the waiting room is not as busy or full.

2. Waiting to be seen

  • We have separate cat and dog waiting areas.
  • The cat barrier in the waiting room helps shield cats from dogs.
  • We have provided Cat Stands for clients to place their cat baskets on. This allows the cat to sit higher up, which increases their sense of security and well-being.
  • There are blankets available so that cat baskets can be covered whilst they wait, which further reduces their anxiety and stress.
  • Clients with cats should be invited to wait in a free consulting room if there are boisterous and barking dogs in reception.

3. In the consultation room

  • We are trained to handle cats in a friendly and sensitive manner, which means we avoid scruffing at all costs.
  • Cats are encouraged to wander around the consultation room to acclimatise to the surroundings and environment
  • Treats are on hand to make the visit a positive experience for our feline patients.
  • Feline pheromone spray (Feliway®) is sprayed to help relax anxious or nervous cats.
  • Cat carriers that have a detachable lid or those that can be fully unzipped are recommended, to avoid having to tip cats out and risk adding to their stress.

4. Hospitilisation

  • We have separate cat kennels away from dogs.
  • Our aim is to make each cat’s stay as comfortable as possible. Ask the client;
  • What is your cat’s normal food? Can you bring some in for when they recover?
  • Do they have a preferred cat litter? Sand, compressed paper, etc.
  • What type of bowl do they eat and drink from at home? Is it metal, ceramic, deep, shallow, etc.
  • Finally, we have recently invested in dental radiography. This is vital when performing dentistry on cats to avoid missing disease that is occurring below the gum line, at root level.

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