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Medication and Prescriptions

Why is it best to buy medicine directly from the practice?

Purchasing from the practice

  • Recommended when treating acute, short-term illnesses, and when the start of treatment is required immediately.
  • Guarantees that the correct medication is dispensed, and at the correct dose.
  • Allows us to discuss with you in person how to administer the medication, and even show you what the dose correlates to on the syringe (in the case of liquid medications), or how much to apply (in the case of topical creams and lotions).
  • Supports the practice and allows investments to be made towards staff, equipment, and the clinic building – all of which mean better care for your pet, and a better service for you! 
  • Sales of medications allow us to maintain surgical and investigation fees at as reasonable a price as possible. Without these sales, then our prices would have to be significantly increased in order to cover our daily running costs.
  • Requires a check-up with one of our vets a minimum of every 6 months, where chronic medications are concerned.
  • When ordering repeat medications, please order by 4pm (weekdays) for guaranteed next day delivery.
  • Patients on our Pet Health Club benefit from 10% off the purchase of Pet Shop Products, and 20% off selected Lifetime Care Medications. Many products also come with manufacturer Loyalty Schemes, when purchased from the practice.  

Purchasing from an external pharmacy

  • Requires a written prescription from us, for which we require 24 hours’ notice.
  • Incurs a fee for each pet’s written prescription, applied every 6 months. 
  • Up to 3 medications per pet can be allocated on a single prescription.
  • In the case of more than one pet, then each pet requires a separate prescription.
  • For chronic medications, a check-up with one of our vets will be required a minimum of every 6 months.
  • Please be cautious when purchasing medications on line, as not all sellers supply legitimate products. We can advise on reputable UK-based on line pharmacies.
  • It is illegal to buy a Prescription Only Medication without a prescription. Pharmacies that claim no prescription is required are breaking the law, and so are you if you proceed with the purchase.  As such, the Veterinary Medicine Directorate may seek prosecution.  
  • Note that reputable sellers will be aware of your need for a prescription and the fact that you will have been charged for this, so their medication price will be set with this in mind. Postage and packing fees may also apply. Therefore, what appears to be a substantial difference in price initially may not be so significant once these added fees are taken in to account.

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