Our Patient Charter

Our promise to your pet(s)

  • We promise to care for you as if you were our own.
  • When well, our aim will be to keep you that way by recommending best practice preventative healthcare to your owner. (a)
  • When ill, our mission will be to get you through your illness as quickly and safely as possible. (b)
  • In cases of acute injury or illness, a return to full health will be our target. (c)
  • When illnesses are more chronic, then our focus will be on managing your disease in line with your quality of life, including addressing your pain relief needs. (d)

More Info. (a) (b) (c) (d)

  • (a) To help your owner budget for this, we have created a Pet Health Club. This covers all of your preventative healthcare needs, but at a vastly reduced cost to paying as you go. And to help your owner remember all that you are entitled to, we will schedule your next PHC appointment at each visit, and text your owner to remind them nearer the time!
  • (b) Please be aware that the cost of investigations and treatments can sometimes become expensive. With this in mind, we shall work closely with your owner to ensure that your medical and/or surgical needs are affordable to them. Pet insurance can help greatly with covering the cost of these unexpected events. Please encourage your owner to discuss this with us in more detail. Remember that your insurance needs to be in place well before your illness or accident occurs, otherwise it won’t be covered. In cases where you are not insured and your required treatment is not affordable for your owner, then Carefree Credit may be an option for them. This company provides interest-free credit for veterinary fees over £250.
  • (c) In order to return you to a full bill of health, we will often require that your owner brings you back to see the vet after a course of medication. You will receive another full health examination, so that we can determine if you are better. Please remind your owner that this time and expertise given to you by the vet will incur a re-examination fee, as well as the possibility of further medication or investigations if you are still unwell.
  • (d) To ensure that you are properly monitored, then regular vet and/or nurse visits will be recommended at intervals dictated by your ailment. A maximum of 6 months is required between check-ups if you are taking long-term medication. Your check-up will include a full health examination, as well as blood or other tests discussed by the vet with your owner. This is the only way that we can properly keep an eye on your health, and ensure that you are taking the right medication, and that it is not causing you any additional harm. Once again, these visits will incur a charge for your owner.