Pre-Operative Recommendations

Pre-Operative Do's

  • Do provide water overnight, but remove bowl first thing in the morning.

  • Food

    Do offer final evening meal up to 9pm (later if young kitten or puppy – please ask for more information if this applies to your pet).

  • Do take out for normal toileting in the morning.

  • Do consider pre-anaesthetic blood testing on the day.

  • Rabbits and small mammals – please do provide some familiar food for us to give your pet once recovered. Speedy eating and gut function is essential in these species.

Pre-Operative Don'ts

  • Food

    Don’t feed breakfast – your pet must have an empty stomach for any sedative or anaesthetic procedure.

  • Don’t take out on a long walk prior to admission – a simple lead walk for toileting only is sufficient. This will also keep your dog clean prior to his/her procedure.

  • Don’t let your cat out during the night, or else you won’t have control over starving, and he/she may not return in the morning.

  • Don’t starve rabbits or small mammals/birds overnight – they should have food and water right up until their arrival.

Read more information about pre-operative blood tests